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CPT Success Stories

Cumberland Physical Therapy chooses Chuck S. of Mechanicsburg as our latest Success Story!

Here's what Chuck had to say:

"My name is Chuck and I would like to thank Cumberland Physical Therapy and Aquatic Center for all their help in improving my back pain. Starting with Jose's consultation and continuing with my 'head trainer' Crystal, everyone has been terrific.

The facilities are great, but more importantly, all of the personnel have positive attitudes and are eager to help. It has been a pleasure working with them.

By the way, I'm continuing with Cumberland (wellness program) on my own. Thanks again!"

PRIOR to therapy: "(I had an) aching back caused by bulging discs."

AFTER therapy: "(My) backache improved - back much stronger plus general fitness improved. Great place to come for therapy - facilities are great - personnel even greater. I looked forward to each session."

Congratulations Chuck and thank you for sharing your story with us!

Here is a picture of Chuck and his therapist, Crystal!

Chuck S.


Jim B.

PRIOR to therapy: "I limped into the clinic due to my plantar fasciitis, it was difficult to walk naturally and (I) had to walk steps one at a time."

AFTER therapy: "Now I am back to walking and even jogging on a track and doing what I love most, officiating both football and lacrosse. I could not have received better treatment, both professionally and personally. (The therapist's) regimen was always carried out with compassion and caring for our welfare."

Jim B.

Michele N. - Patient (left) and Michele - Physical Therapist (right)

"I am very pleased with the staff at Cumberland Physical Therapy. They went out of their way for me to ensure I met every goal along the way of my recovery. They worked together as a seasoned team and included me, the patient, each step of the way!"

Michele N.

"My experience with Cumberland Physical Therapy has been nothing short of AMAZING! The therapists are knowledgeable, caring, and dedicated to achieving the best results in the least amount of time. My issue was a broken ankle - after going to another facility for three months and not getting any real results, I began going to Cumberland Physical Therapy for both Aquatic and Land-Based Therapy. In a few short weeks, my range of motion was in the normal range, and both my balance and strength had improved significantly - so much so that I was discharged after only five weeks. I worked with Maureen, Marissa, Lynn and Crystal whose knowledge and ability were remarkable. I can't emphasize enough how impressed I was with the facility in general and the wonderful people there. I would highly recommend Cumberland Physical Therapy to anyone needing physical therapy - they are the absolute BEST!!"

Marilyn D.

"Prior to my arrival at CPT, I had dizziness and neck discomfort. I had been evaluated by a family physician and a neurosurgeon with no relief of my daily dizziness. I found myself withdrawing from my active lifestyle. As a Registered Nurse I knew that I did not want to stop living and enjoying my gardening, dog walking, cooking and reading. I approached my family doctor and discussed the option of physical therapy - BEST DECISION. Jim (and later Teresa) from my initial evaluation through my final week of treatment approached my signs and symptoms with the attitude "we'll work through this". He listened to my history and dug in - straight forward and quickly with a treatment plan specific to my individual needs. In weeks I am back to my activites and feel so much like my old self."

Michelle Rice

"After having left shoulder and arm pain for weeks, I went to Jose at Cumberland Physical Therapy. He gave me two exercises that immediately eliminated my pain. I was astonished because I never had such a quick relief from my pain at physical therapy."

Dear Mr. Dominguez,

"I would like to thank Cumberland Physical Therapy for the excellent care I received. Your therapy team made my total hip recovery a success. Your staff was very considerate, compassionate and informative. Your total facility made my recovery a good experience."

"Thank you again for the excellent service you provided and keep up the good work. I will refer family and friends to your facility."

Sincerely, Jim G. -- Mechanicsburg


"I had major surgery on my right shoulder; I had a 1/2 inch from my clavicle removed, acromioplasty, bursa sacs removed, calcium deposits removed, rotator cuff repair, bicep tendon repaired, removed and relocated with a screw in the humerous bone. Needless to say, I was not moving my right arm and shoulder at all... not able to lift any weight over or raise my arm above my head."


"Because of the proper instruction, I am now able to move my arm without pain. I have about 95% flexibility; again no discomfort. As a health care provider myself, I know the importance of proper recovery, healing and physical therapy. Physical therapy is key and essential to regain proper function. Thank you everyone at Cumberland Physical Therapy!"

Christine - Mechanicsburg, PA


"Total right knee replacement - pain, stiffness, limited mobility in walking, doing steps, cycling, bending knee."


"I can now do all of the above activities, am pain free and stiffness is better each day. I am doing all of this 7 weeks to the day after surgery."

Cynthia - Mechanicsburg, PA

Attention: Cumberland Physical Therapy
Subject: Treatment and Results

"As a result of double knee surgery, which took place on 5/16/11, I started therapy with your staff on 6/1/11. I needed to develop greater flexibility and strength in both knees.

By the time I was released from therapy I had accomplished both objectives and feel that I have normal mobility. It is such a pleasure to walk with confidence and without pain.

Thanks to your staff starting with my therapist who was both professional and caring. Her candid assessment about the need for me to take the rehabilitation process very seriously provided the motivation for me to aggressively follow her direction.

I also want to compliment you on your facility and especially your staff. From Lori's smile when you first walk in, to Lynn and Mary's helpful presence, you have a great staff and environment for your clients."

Thanks Again,

Peter W., Camp Hill

"Dear Jose and Staff,

Thank you so much for your warmth and support, and your heartfelt concern that you show.

Because you're so caring, you bring others comfort and brighten more days than you know.

Thanks also for your kindness shown toward me during my weeks of PT at your friendly facility on Center St.

You all are the best!

God Bless you all."

Mary R.


Thank you so much for your evaluation and treatment of my back problem. I am very impressed with your kindness and competence. God Bless You."

John S., Dillsburg, PA

"Dear Jose, Thank you so much for all your help in fixing my neck and shoulder. I feel so much better. I'm ready to start working on my feet! Hope to see you soon."

Tammy E, Mechanicsburg, PA

"Dear Jose and Staff,

Thank you ever so much for all that you did for me, you guys are the BEST! You take each patient and give them all the time they need to heal. You and your staff are very knowledgeable on how to get you back on your 'feet'. I also made lots of friends! If I ever need water or physical therapy again, I will definitely come back to you! I told a lot of my friends about you. Many many thanks again!"

Sue H.

"People are friendly and considerate."

Lora S., Mechanicsburg, PA

"You're the best I've found, that is why I returned."

Margaret B., Enola, PA

"Debbie the therapist was great and personable, keep up the good work."

Karen Z., Camp Hill, PA

"I really liked how (the therapist) explained exactly how, step-by-step, muscle-by-muscle, to do each exercise and why it's helping/what it's doing. Thank you all!!

Kris J., Mechanicsburg, PA

"Very professional staff. Exercises explained fully, checks on progress were frequent. Facility and staff exceeded expectations."

Sally S., Harrisburg, PA

"Excellent therapist! Thoroughly enjoyed working with her."

Colleen S., Mechanicsburg, PA

"In a short time I feel great. I can move my head freely and have no pain. Thank you all."

Helene S., Middletown, PA

"My therapist was very cordial. Pleasant personality. I would definitely come back here if I needed any type of therapy."

Roberta M., Mechanicsburg, PA

"Liked the atmosphere - not rushed and if late they did not make any comments. Staff very friendly."

Carol H., New Cumberland, PA

"The staff is very kind, relaxed and present a welcoming and cooperative environment. All my questions were answered honestly and completely. Thank you! "

Nadine O., Mechanicsburg, PA

"I felt as if I was important here as opposed to a factory type I experienced before. This therapy was a lot better than anything I experienced before."

Andrew G., Camp Hill, PA

"I appreciated the individualized care ~ also the cleanliness of the facility and kindness of receptionist made the experience very positive."

Sandra J., Dillsburg, PA

"When I first came here, I had severe lower back pain. After only three weeks of therapy, I am now pain free. The staff here is knowledgeable, courteous and caring. Hats off to this group!"

Jim L.

"I previously had no results with physical therapy elsewhere. Here, I saw progress after 2 visits. For the first time in months I have been able to get through the day pain-free."


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