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CPT Success Stories

Cumberland Physical Therapy chooses Chuck S. of Mechanicsburg as our latest Success Story!

Here's what Chuck had to say:

"My name is Chuck and I would like to thank Cumberland Physical Therapy and Aquatic Center for all their help in improving my back pain. Starting with Jose's consultation and continuing with my 'head trainer' Crystal, everyone has been terrific.

The facilities are great, but more importantly, all of the personnel have positive attitudes and are eager to help. It has been a pleasure working with them.

By the way, I'm continuing with Cumberland (wellness program) on my own. Thanks again!"

PRIOR to therapy: "(I had an) aching back caused by bulging discs."

AFTER therapy: "(My) backache improved - back much stronger plus general fitness improved. Great place to come for therapy - facilities are great - personnel even greater. I looked forward to each session."

Congratulations Chuck and thank you for sharing your story with us!

Here is a picture of Chuck and his therapist, Crystal!

Chuck S.

Fitness / Sports Performance
Program at Elite Therapy and Fitness

6402 Carlisle Pike, Mechanicsburg
(717) 590-7215

  • Large in-ground pool with 4 HydroWorx High Performance Treadmills **see videos below
  • Aquatic Exercise - individual as well as group classes
  • Sports Rehabilitation/Performance Training
  • Large Artificial Turf Field w/ AKTIV surface material
  • Field can be used for training and will be available for rental purposes as well
  • 4 Lane Sprint Track
  • Individual and Team Training
  • 13,000 sq. foot facility

** HydroWorx High Performance Treadmills
employ state-of-the-art technology.

Great for rehabilitation, runners and
general aquatic exercise.

2012 Olympic Medal Winners used these machines
to train for competition!

Cumberland Aquatic Center featured on Fox 43 - Underwater Treadmills

Watch our video from WHP21!
Aquatic Workouts - Keys to Caring Segment

How to Train Elite Runners: Alberto Salazar, The Oregon Project & the X80 Underwater Treadmill

Alberto Salazar, Galen Rupp, Mo Farah & The Oregon Project team on the X80 Underwater Treadmill

The Program

Our program concentrates on improving athletic performance as well as reducing the risk of injury. We work with athletes of all ages to identify areas of deficit through athletic testing and orthopedic assessment and use these results to develop an individualized training program for each athlete. The first half of each training session is devoted to developing explosiveness, speed, strength and agility. Then each session is ended with a conditioning session aimed at developing the appropriate sport-specific energy system.

Evaluation & Testing

Using our expertise in the areas of strength and conditioning as well as physical therapy we assess each athlete individually. They are evaluated from an orthopedic as well as an athletic perspective. They are tested in areas of athleticism that their sport may demand such as agility, power or speed to identify their individual strengths and weaknesses. We examine range of motion, muscle strength and functional movement patterns to identify muscle imbalance, weakness and lack of flexibility that may predispose an athlete to injury or limit their athletic potential.

Injury Prevention

We take time to ensure that each athlete is evaluated to prevent injuries that commonly occur in their sport, identify areas of joint instability and flexibility as well as gain a thorough understanding of their own injury history. We cycle the training routines to maximize progress, reduce overuse injuries and prepare them to peak athletically at the right time. In-season training is recommended but the frequency and intensity is reduced as the focus at this point is to maintain improvements made during the off-season but also more importantly to keep the athlete healthy and injury-free.

Individual Training Programs

We do not use the cookie-cutter approach to training athletes. Each athlete will receive a personalized and sport-specific training program. Each athlete’s training program will be designed considering the needs of their particular sport, their previous training and injury history, athletic strengths and weaknesses as well as any orthopedic issues found during the assessment.

Team Training

We also offer team or group training sessions at a discounted rate.

The Sports Performance Program is located at:

6402 Carlisle Pike
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050
(Next to Best Buy)

For more information, contact us at (717) 590-7215 or

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